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L'élianne collection combines innovative designs, where function is as important as appearance, with personal lifestyles. The collection is curated to match appearance and functionality with luxury dog products. 


L'élianne's ® dog car seatdogclothes and dog bathrobes are made for your best friend. 

Every dog that is part of the family deserves to have products that are carefully made of excellent quality. 

Luca - Norway

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog 

Product: Anthracite travel bed

He is an amazing dog, so smart and patient. He is very vocal, both with whining and barking, so you know when he wants something. He has been modelling all his life and is always up for my weird photo ideas. He also gives the best snuggles.

Popsy - Norway

Breed: Podenco Andaluze mix: 62,5% Podenco, 12,5% Chihuahua, 12,5% Toy Fox Terrier and 12,5% Schipperke

Product: Coffee travel bed

Popsy loves to explore the world together with her owner and she is the best travel companion. Popsy joined as second in the L'élianne's Brand Ambassadors Team. 

Bambi - Norway

Breed: Mittelspitz

Product: Coffee travel bed

Bambi is a 10 months old mittelspitz living in Norway. She loves meeting new people, long walks in the forest and cuddles on the couch.

Fonzke - Belgium

Breed: Mini dapple dachshund

Product: Coffee travel bed

Fonzke is a spicy male with a gingerbread heart. A real teddy bear who loves walks in the woods and is always in for games together.

Sammy - Norway

Breed: Shetland sheepdog

Product: Luxury Travel Bed | Anthracite

He is adventures, loving and fun. He loves to play with his friends, his favorite ball, go for long walks and cuddle with his family.

Ebba, Lowe & Charlie - Norway

Breed: Chihuahua, Chihuahua & Papillon/shihtzu

Product: Coffee travel bed

Three little adventurous dogs who love road trips, long walks in the woods and cuddling on the couch. 

Archie - Switzerland

Breed: Australian Cobberdog

Products: Luxury Travel Beds | Coffee

Archie is adventurous, very friendly and is bouncing to greet other dogs. Loves to play and enthusiastic to learn new tricks, eager to show how smart he is.

Bimba - Spain

Breed: Mixed race
Product: Beige travel bed

Bimba is unique for being mixed race. She loves the people around her very much and lets them know with thousands of kisses. She is quite an adventurer, she likes the beach and the mountains more than the city.

Bo'tje - Holland

Breed: Jack Russell terriër 
Product: Beige travel bed
I'm mostly defined as bubbly, outgoing, enthusiast and hyperactive. My flaw is not listening sometimes while my strengths are loyalty, endurance and perseverance.

Casper - Norway

Breed:  Mix breed

Product: Coffee travel bed

Spoiled, happy and thankful , mommy's boy, nature lover.

Winston - United Kingdom (UK)

Breed:  Dachshund

Product: Beige travel bed

Winston is an affectionate dachshund who loves long forest walks, company of other dogs and cuddling up on the sofa.

Rocco - United States of America (USA)

Breed: French Bulldog

Product: Beige travel bed

Rocco is a sweet funny little dog who likes attention and cuddles from his owner.

Jaxx & Ray - The Netherlands 

Breed: French Bulldogs

Product: Coffee travel bed

Jaxx and Ray are the the best example of bromance. They make fun, lounge, play and sleep together.

Loki - United Kingdom (UK)

Breed: Basenji

Product: Coffee travel bed

Loki is cheeky, curious and very sweet girl. She is always up for an adventure, but doesn't mind to stay home all day and cuddle with her humans.