Dog Behaviour & Feelings

L'élianne ® covers topics such as dog behaviour & their feelings to help you to understand them better. Dogs use their whole body, from ears to tail, to communicate. By understanding this well, you can better tell when a dog is happy, depressed, stressed, anxious or something else..


Dog Blog: Behaviour & Feelings

Depression in Dogs | Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Dogs can experience changes in behavior and demeanor that may be similar to what is commonly referred to as "depression" in humans. However, it is important to note that dogs do not experience emotions in the same way that humans do, so it is not accurate to say that they can be "depressed" in the same way that humans can.

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs | Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Have you noticed that your dog gets agitated or nervous when you're getting ready to leave the house or even after you've left? And almost all dog parents know that frustrating moment when you come home after a few hours out and find your house in a mess and your cushions in tatters. 

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Dog Brain Games: 8x Fun Mental Games For Dogs

What are good mental brain games for dogs? Mental stimulation for dogs is important. The brain training is a fun way to build a strong bond with your dog. The brain games will entertain your dog. When doing brain games you are engaging your dog's brain in creative ways. 

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Dog Health: How to Keep a Dog Healthy Naturally?

How to keep your dog healthy naturally? All kinds of disorders and diseases can be prevented by proper housing, nutrition and care. In this blog you will read how to keep your dog healthy for as long as possible and what preventive measures a dog owner can take against diseases and illnesses.

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12 Types of Aggressive Behavior in Dogs | Behavior & Education

Signs that your dog may become aggressive is a serious topic we need to discuss. Dogs can be aggressive towards other dogs or towards humans. It is important to recognize aggressively signs of your dog and how to handle with these situations. Aggression is the most common and most serious behavior problem in dogs. It’s also the number-one reason why pet parents seek professional help from behaviorists, trainers and veterinarians.

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10 Symptoms of Lonely Dogs, Symptoms & Tips

Loneliness by dogs is an underestimated and often invisible problem. Most of them are naturally social animals for which contact with a fellow pet companion or with the owner is a basic necessity of life. Nevertheless, most animals live alone and only get 8 minutes of attention per day. Who can not spend more time with his pet, can better not take one, says experts. 

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10 Surprising Ways to Recognize Happiness in Dogs

It doesn't take much to make your dog happy. Just walking into the room is often enough to excite your sweet buddy. A happy dog can be recognised by healthy behaviour. Healthy behaviour means that the dog's emotions are balanced. The dog does not show unexplained moments of extreme aggression, fear or insecurity. Nor does the dog show prolonged hyperactivity. Incidentally, this does not mean that your dog cannot misbehave once in a while. This too is part of the game.

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10 Important Fears & Anxiety By Dogs

Dogs are different from people. They look different, do different things and have different motivations. Yet, fears in dogs are common and can be very recognizable. Think about fireworks, thunder and lightning or other (larger) animals. By understanding your dog's fears it can be prevented from affecting his life tremendously. It is one of the most common underlying causes of problem behavior: fear.

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The Dark Side of Fetch With Your Dog

Many dog owners assume relatively easily that a physically exhausted dog is a happy dog. And the quickest and easiest way to achieve this goal is by throwing a ball with our animal. It's common knowledge that the earliest domestication of dogs was for hunting purposes.

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5 Sings Your Dog Is Overheated +TIPS

Now that the weather is warmer and the temperature is rising, it is important that you pay extra attention to your pets. They cannot withstand heat well. Overheating is extremely dangerous and can sometimes even be fatal.

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5 Tips - of How To Raise A Puppy

Raising a young puppy is important because a dog must be able to survive in our densely populated society. A dog breeder or shelter has laid the foundation for the young puppy and from then on you take over.

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