10 Surprising Ways to Recognize Happiness in Dogs

Published on 8 June 2021 at 00:00
7 Signals - How to tell if your dog is happy

#10 Signals of A Happy Dog

It doesn't take much to make your dog happy. Just walking into the room is often enough to excite your sweet buddy. A happy dog can be recognised by healthy behaviour. Healthy behaviour means that the dog's emotions are balanced. The dog does not show unexplained moments of extreme aggression, fear or insecurity. Nor does the dog show prolonged hyperactivity. Incidentally, this does not mean that your dog cannot misbehave once in a while. This too is part of the game.


Also, a happy dog is a healthy dog. Physical health is in direct correlation with the level of happiness. After all, if a dog feels unhappy, insecure or anxious for a long time, this will be directly reflected in its coat or other physical aspects, for example. We have collected 10 signs to easily recognise a happy dog!


#1 The Expressions of The Dog

Try to observe your dog in different environments and situations. This helps to see different expressions.


It is striking that the eyes do not always look the same. If the eyes look intense, it means the dog is angry or aggressive. If your dog looks relaxed and clear, then the dog is happy. Often the dog also blinks slowly. The position of the dog can also give away his ears emotions.


A wagging tail, with the whole body moving or at least relaxed. Finally, when the dog rolls on its back and shows his belly, he is happy.


#2 Happy Playing Dog

Another way to tell if your dog is happy is by seeing him play.  If the dog comes to lie on your sofa or lap after playing, this is also an expression of happiness. Dogs that come to humans will accept them in their pack. A playfull dog is a happy dog.


3. Their enthusiastic response when you get home

One of the many great things about a dog is that it is always happy when the owner comes home, whether you have been away for a day or 10 minutes. He is wagging his tail to welcome you. And your homecoming should be celebrated: just cuddle, make nose contact, grab a toy in the mouth and maybe let him jump on you. So they respond enthusiastically when you come home they're might be happy as well.


#4 The Dog Eats Well

The dog's body is so ingeniously constructed that it can easily survive days or even weeks without solid food. Fortunately, a healthy dog ​​won't let it get that far. A dog who dives into his food bowl with great enthusiasm is generally healthy, happy and satisfied. Read more: Depression in Dogs| Symptoms, Causes & Treatments


#5 If the dog is offered regularity and a steady rhythm

The dog feels (just like a human) comfortable with a recognizable day pattern or lifestyle. This gives him a sense of security and makes the dog happy.

Keep in mind: if you have absolutely no idea what your day looks like, and that you don't even have an idea when you can go out, or if you can go out today. When you eat, what you eat, and even more of those basic needs. Then you can imagine that this makes you very restless. Perhaps also uncertain or anxious. The dog needs safety, and the certainty that he can sleep in his basket today, that he gets food and that he can occasionally go outside or do something. If he does not have this, it can be more stressful. And often stress leads to an overly busy dog. So in general: more security = happy dog!


#6 How well the dog sleeps

Sleeping habits are influenced by a number of traits, such as race, age, size, health and of course physical activity during daily routine. An average adult dog sleeps 12 to 14 hours a day.

If the dog sleeps well, the dog is often happier, stress-free and calm.

If your pet is sleeping more or less than usual, a check-up with your vet is important. Underlying health problems, such as anxiety and thyroid disease, can cause a changing sleep pattern.


#7 Well cared

Make sure the coat is always free from fleas, dirt and tangles. The ears and long strands of hair at the legs also deserve sufficient attention. If you keep proper care, it will prevent health problems in the future.

Pets love any kind of attention. If the dog receives a wonderful beauty treatment, the dog will be happy. Wash your pet's hair with special dog shampoo and rinse the animal with lukewarm water. Apply a nice oil on the skin and cut the nails of your dog or cat. This is also good for shedding the dog.


A nice pat on the head always helps to make the dog more happy!


How do you keep your dog happy? Leave a comment, I would love to read it!


#8 The Dog Comes To You When You Call Him

The world is full of a lot of things that dogs find really cool - people, squirrels, a strange smell that just begs to be investigated, you name it! Sometimes they have to follow their canine heart (and nose) and run after anything that catches their attention. If your good girl always comes back to you as soon as you call her name, it means she thinks you are much cooler than the thing she was chasing - and that is a sign of a very happy dog.


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