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An exclusive platform focussed on travelling with dogs. The ultimate guide that connects the global travel community of dog lovers. This dog blog is about dog travel, behavior and more! Must-known tips, tricks & experiences to travel with your dog! 


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Dog-Friendly Travel Blogs

Dog Breeds & Travelling

Dog-friendly series about travelling with different dog breeds - all dog breeds are different on the road and that is why we will give you insights in each dog breed.


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This online dog-friendly blog will teach and learn you more about traveling with your dog and their behaviour. It has become a broad field of expertise of different guest bloggers and that is why we like to call in the help of guest bloggers in this specific field. This takes the form of guest bloggers, who would like to publish blogs on this website. 

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Dog Behaviour Blogs

The pet-friendly travel blogs about dog behaviour will learn you how to understand your dog better when you are going on a trip. The online blogs about dog behaviour will teach you how to recognize certain signals or symptoms that your dog tries to tell you.


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Dog Stories

The dog stories about imformative subjects that will educate you about certain dog topics. 

Travel Dog Car Seats Experiences

The dog travel community is an online platform were dog owners share their experiences with their dog on the road. Together we will give each other tips to prevent dog car sickness, dog anxiety, dog stress and much more!

Luxurious Collection

L'élianne collection is a luxurious dog brand that combines high quality products with functionality. The online shop features innovative products such as dog car seats, dog clothes and dog bathrobes. The collection is made for a better experience on the road and high quality dogwear.