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The number #1 exclusive dog blog about how to travel with dogs & more information about their behaviour. The ultimate guide that connects the global travel community of dog lovers. An exclusive platform focussed on travel topics, tips, ideas & experiences of how to travel with dogs in the car!


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Must Follow Dog Travel Blog

These blog topics are about information, tips & to-do lists that are important when travelling with your dog. This dog-friendly blog will help you to understand your dog better and how to help them while being in the car. 


How to Transport a Dog in a Car | 29 Must-Follow Tips

This dog blog is about how to transport a dog in the car. An complete checklist about how to travel with dogs. These 29 must-follow tips will help you to be prepared when you are hitting the road. Whether you're going on a short or long trip - you will be succesfully prepared! 

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Car Anxiety in Dogs - Preventing & Treating

This dog blog will discuss one of the most common problems when travelling in the car with your dog: anxiety. Dog anxiety is a familiar problem by many dogs when they are on the road. In order to eliminate dog anxiety we gathered the best tips to prevent such problems. 

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Dog Breeds & Travelling

Dog-friendly blogs about how to travel with your dog in the car. Every dog is different when hitting the road, so this serie is about many different dog breeds. 


Bulldog - Car Travelling & Transport Tips

If traveling with your bulldog makes you nervous, you are not alone! It would make me nervous too. But car travel can be stressful as well. Follow these tips for travelling with a bulldog to make your travel day as smooth as possible. Thankfully bulldogs are huge couch potatoes, and like to lie around, but they might not appreciate being cooped up in a car for too long. My very first of the travel tips for bulldogs is to go on a nice, relaxing, long walk before the trip.

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Dachshund - Car Travelling & Transport Tips

Whether your dachshund is 6 months, 1 year or 5 years old, you will need to transport it by car one way or another. Indeed, for a visit to the vet, for a trip on vacation or for a walk in the woods, your dachshund will need to be transported by car.

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Dog Behaviour Blogs

The pet-friendly travel blogs about dog behaviour will learn you how to understand your dog better when you are going on a trip. The online blogs about dog behaviour will teach you how to recognize certain signals or symptoms that your dog tries to tell you.


Dog Brain Games: 8x Fun Brain Games For Dogs

What are good mental brain games for dogs? Mental stimulation for dogs is important. The brain training is a fun way to build a strong bond with your dog. The brain games will entertain your dog. When doing brain games you are engaging your dog's brain in creative ways. 

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Dog Health: How to Keep a Dog Healthy Naturally?

How to keep your dog healthy naturally? All kinds of disorders and diseases can be prevented by proper housing, nutrition and care. In this blog you will read how to keep your dog healthy for as long as possible and what preventive measures a dog owner can take against diseases and illnesses.

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How to Stop Excessive Dog Barking | Best Tips

How to stop excessive dog barking? This blog will educate you about techniques to prevent your dog from barking. The longer your dog has been practicing the barking behavior, the longer it will take for them to develop other means of communication. 

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#1 Master Car-Anxiety or Sickness Problems!

Unfortunately, these are common problems that many dogs experience in the car. Some dogs are extremely restless in the car and may start panting, shivering, squeaking, barking or drooling. If your dog shows any of these symptoms, car journeys can be like a nightmare for both of you! 


L'élianne ® strives for a future in which dogs no longer have to feel anxiety, stress or motion sickness. Experience together the liberation of fear in the car for dogs. And invest in the luxury dog car seat!


Dog Blog & More Stories

The last section of dog blogs are about other stories that are very informative subjects to educate.


#10 Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in the U.S.

We love our dogs and play with them constantly, but nothing beats socializing with “their own kind”. Dogs are social creatures that thrive on interaction with their canine companions. A dog park is a great place for dogs to run off leash and socialize with other dogs.

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How to Get More Real Instagram Followers | Dog Influencer

Instagram has a broad field of different concepts to be famous for. In order to get more real Instagram followers for your dog, it is important to know how to attract followers. How to get more followers and how to get more likes on your Instagram account. Becoming a dog influencer is not that hard, the key to grow: consistency.

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Best 8 Reasons Why Your Dog Need Dog Clothes

This is a puzzling question to many people, most of who laugh at the idea of dressing up a dog. Some dog owners are also skeptical about wearing clothing on their dogs. However, a few of them, have noticed the violent shiver that courses through the bodies of their canine friends during winter, but don’t know what to do about it. If you belong to this category of dog owners, there is good news: it is okay for your pet to wear dog coats.

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Ugly Truth About Wrong Backyard Dog Breeders

All kinds of races and crosses, one even cuter than the other. What should you pay attention to when buy a puppy? To delve into this, you can avoid buying a puppy from a wrong puppy farm. A number of things must be in order at all times. With good preparation you prevent problems and hasty decisions. Below the story behind the wrong puppy breeding farms and how much money they make with it.

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8 Reasons Why A Dog Makes Your Life More Awesome

Dog owners are happier, healthier, more social and fitter, and this has been scientifically proven several times. As a puppy lover, there is no doubt that having a dog brings many benefits to my life. I mean, how can you not wake up happy with a smiling face and wagging tail?

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4 Best Recipes - Homemade Dog Ice Cream

Dogs and humans agree: When the temperature rises, nothing is as refreshing as a bowl of ice. The only problem? With the development of dog food, ice is not the best choice. Although it tastes good, dogs don't need sugar. Fortunately, we offer you a solution: homemade dog ice cream!

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Luxury Dog Car Seat

L'élianne ® offers a luxurious dog car seat collection that is made for your best friend. Our iconic dog travel bed offers ultimate comfort, safety and protection on the road. It also provides the right support during dangerous & unsafe situations.


The dog booster car seat creates an airbag effect during sharp turns, hard braking & high bumps. And it provides a breathtaking view of the outside world. The luxury dog seat is made for small and medium-sized dogs, which is perfect to recreate the comforts of your home into the car.


- Made for your best friend


Iconic Dog Travel Bed

To ensure a successful car journey, our dog booster seat has efficient safety elements. To secure the dog and the bed to the front seat or back seat. And isofix hooks and a grip layer for extra protection. Discover the calming effect of a well-made dog car seat, which will become your new favorite way of travelling!


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