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13 Unique Dog-Friendly European Destinations in Europe

How To Travel With Dogs in Europe?

Travelling with your dog together requires some preparation for both of you. In this new dog blog post we have gathered 13 unique dog-friendly vacation countries in Europe. What is the most dog friendly country in Europe? Luckily Europe has a lot of dog friendly locations.


Before travelling with your pet dog abroad, you need to figure out what the best country options are for your little pooch. Since the 1st of October 2004, it is a lot easier for owners of dogs and cats to travel within the European Union (27 EU countries), Norway and Switzerland. 


1. Unique Holiday in Slovenia

The country of Slovenia is one of the hidden gems of Europe. Tucked away in between Italy and Croatia, it’s one of our favourite countries in all of Europe. There’s beautiful mountain scenery, plentiful history and a sliver of coastline, not to mention it’s more affordable than the surrounding countries (yet most young people speak English). Plus, it’s a wonderfully dog-friendly country! 


This year’s #1 Hidden Gem in Europe designation was awarded to Bohinj in Slovenia, a destination synonymous with nature, sustainable development and unique experiences in the heart of one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe. 


Slovenia is the place to be if you like vast landscapes, clear blue lakes, forest-green hills and beautiful historic buildings. With your faithful companion frolicking by your side, you can cover while you marvel at the natural splendor and picturesque vistas. natural splendor and picturesque vistas that this country has to offer.


Dogs are welcome at most tourist attractions and in restaurants. So for this destination, install a dog car seat for the ultimate travel experience for both of you!


2. Roadtripping in Lithuania

Maybe not the first country you you think of to go roadtripping. But Lithuania offers a lot of beautiful camping sites along rivers and forests where you can stay with your dog for less than 20 euros a night. a night. Together you can explore explore nature together.

On the border with Russia is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the National Park Curonian Shoreline. You will find a kilometers long coastline with vast dunes. Ideal for a long beach walk! 


While visiting Lithuania, we mainly had lovely weather, so generally ate at outdoor dining terraces, where our dog was of course welcome to join us. Some restaurants in Lithuania also permit dogs inside.


3. Rich History of Portugal

Portugal is definitely a pet-friendly country with more than half of Portuguese households owning a pet. The abundance of public parks and beaches are perfect for taking dogs on walks and allowing them to explore nature, without being stuck in an apartment.


There is so much to choose from. Splashing around in the sea? Do you like to immerse yourself in the rich history? Or do you like to doze off on a terrace? Is good food a party for you? Or do you like to experience some adventure? We guess it's a bit of everything. And in Portugal you will find it all. In many ways, Portugal is a paradise for pets: lots of unspoiled nature to run around in. Away from the coastal areas, Portugal is not very densely populated, so your dog can enjoy plenty of free space.


Also remember that you should try to avoid the hot summer months. Dogs suffer from the heat and in many places they are not allowed on the beach and get little exercise. In the off-season, the weather is excellent and you can enjoy a vacation with your family and your dog in peace.


4. Adventures Trip in Norway

Norway for one is a dog loving country in general, and travelling with your dog around Norway is no longer the problem it used to be. Fly with them, bring them on the ferry, or pop them in the car with you!


When you go on vacation to Norway with your dog, one thing you're obviously going to do a lot of is hike!  Trekking along the fjords together is an unforgettable experience. And as you wander through the woods you are guaranteed to feel like an old-fashioned forest runner.  Norway has lots of campsites, hotels and B&Bs in Norway are dog-friendly.


Vacations with the dog in Norway offer many advantages. You can take the most beautiful walks together and you don't have to accommodate your pet anywhere during your vacation in Norway. During your vacation you finally have more time for each other. For everyone, including your pet. Take a great walk in the overwhelming nature of Norway. From a rented cottage on the coast or inland of this beautiful Scandinavian country. In many vacation homes in Norway it is extra pleasant to stay with your faithful four-legged friend. When hiking certain dog clothes can be very usefull to bring for your dog. Considering a dog raincoat or a dog winter coat on your trip will be perfect when hiking. Read more about the benefits of using dogwear for your dog. 


A pet-friendly vacation home offers a number of advantages over a normal vacation home. Some gardens are extra demarcated and all information and tips needed for a vacation with the dog are available. Think for example of the phone number of the nearest veterinarian. Our pet-friendly vacation homes are spread throughout the various regions such as Hordaland and Møre & Romsdal, among others. In such vacation homes there is no extra charge for final cleaning.


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5. Paradise Vibes in Croatia

Croatia is not only beautiful and adventurous, but also one of the most dog-friendly countries in Europe. Especially in Crikvenica, on the coast of the country, your dog and you will be able to indulge yourselves perfectly on the long beach and in the warm water. There is even a special dog beach where all breeds are welcome and owners can introduce their four-legged friends to potential vacation sweethearts. Afterwards you can treat your woofter to a dog beer - yes, that is on the drinks menu - while you enjoy the sunset.


6. Romantic Travels in France

The French have a reputation for loving their dogs. So no wonder then that France is a popular destination for people travelling with their dogs. Discover the most beautiful French destinations with the whole family. Hike together along the vast vineyards, or discover the coast of Aquitaine. Find your pet friendly vacation home in France and have an unforgettable vacation together.


Head into the mountains for a brisk walk in the French Alps, stroll along the historic Omaha Beach in Normandy or rent a boat and discover the beautiful nature of Burgundy, from the water. France is diverse and its landscapes are many. Because of this, the possibilities for recreation are almost endless and it is the perfect destination for an active vacation with the whole family. So if you like your vacation in France filled with walks and outdoor activities, you've come to the right place and it's extra fun if the dog can come too.


Discover the surroundings from your vacation home in France with the dog.


7. Dog-Friendly Sightseeing in Germany

No doubt about it, Germany is one of the most dog-friendly countries that I’ve visited, even amongst European countries. In Germany, dogs tend to be a normal part of society. Germany offers up plenty of sightseeing opportunities where your dog can join you. Dogs are allowed in most outdoor spaces. This includes gardens surrounding palaces and castles, unlike is often the case in France.  


Dogs are allowed in public transport and almost all restaurants, cafés, amusement parks, malls, and shops, but not in supermarkets. In some modes of public transport, you might need to buy a discounted ticket for your dog


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8. Roadtripping in Venice Italy

Venice is not only the city of lovers, it is also the city of pet lovers with more than 500 pet-friendly accommodations from the most famous palaces such as the Baglioni Hotel Luna or the Westin Europa & Regina to dozens of affordable hotels and appartments; treat your pet to an unforgettable stay in Venice such as a traditional gondola experience, a boat trip to Murano island or a ticket to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.


In other aspects, Venice is quite dog-friendly, just like much of Italy. Dogs are allowed to travel on the vaporetto (the water boats that criss-cross Venice) without a ticket. Small dogs should be held or in a carrier, while larger dogs should be leashed.


9. Island Vibes Santorini Greece With Dogs

With nearly 300 pet friendly accommodations, Santorini, the beautiful island located in the Aegean Sea is a paradise for you and your dog. You will be happy to stroll around in the alleys.


Choose your pet friendly accommodation at the best price in Santorini, your favourite activities and have an unforgettable holiday in one of the Greek Islands.


10. Bruges in Belgium With Dogs

More than 50 establishments are pet friendly in Bruges. The town is a perfect destination for travellers with pets. Discover all the beauties and treasures of Bruges with your pet. Bruges is the perfect destination for lovers. Come and enjoy a break in one of the most beautiful towns in Europe and take a stroll along the canals of the "Venice of the North".


Walk through the "Minnewaterpark" the "lake of love" and enjoy a  moment out of time. The Begijnhof, the Beguinage is one of the landmarks of Bruges. Dive into the atmosphere of the old Flemish paintings by crossing the "Bonifaciusbrug", the Saint-Boniface Bridge. Discover the famous Bruges lace, taste the biscuits, waffles and  beers of character. Treat yourself to an unforgettable stay by booking your hotel, guesthouse, B&B at the best price guaranteed as well as your best tours and activities in Bruges.


11. Fresh Air in Switzerland

According to recent studies, Switzerland is the most dog-friendly country in Europe. That may come as a surprise to some, given that Switzerland seems particularly strict in other areas. The Swiss like to go out in the fresh air and although the country is small, countless breeds of dog that are still known and valued today originate from the country. A number of hotels and guesthouses express their love of dogs with special offers. There are now accommodations in Switzerland that offer a diverse wellness program not only for people but also for dogs.


12. Hiking in Czech Republic 

Hardly anywhere else is hiking as popular as in the Czech Republic. The Czechs like to be in the fresh air, preferably with their four-legged companions. So the Czechs are not just one of them best in gambling, but also among the most dog-friendly countries in Europe. So if you are planning an outdoor holiday, you should definitely consider the Czech Republic. Not only is the dog doing well there, the landscape is simply impressive in many places.


13. Austria

The second country in the list related to the Alps. Dogs also have a long tradition in the Alpine republic. They have always been used in various areas, which is why dogs are perceived there as more than just cuddly friends. Of course, Austria also has its own traditional and recognized dog breeds worldwide. Anyone who owns one of these has the best chance of being received even more kindly in certain respects.


It turns out that it is particularly in countries with a great outdoor tradition that dogs are welcomed. So if you set off to start a longer hiking holiday, you are guaranteed to find the infrastructure you need to have an unforgettable time with your dog. City trips with four-legged friends are generally not recommended, because dogs can be overwhelmed relatively quickly and they can mean cuts in numerous areas for the pet owner, which sometimes spoil the holiday.


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Travelling with your dog together requires some preparation for both of you. In this new dog blog post we have gathered 13 unique dog-friendly vacation countries in Europe. What is the most dog friendly country in Europe? Luckily Europe has a lot of dog friendly locations.

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