Top 3: Best Dog Car Seat 2023 - Expert Advice

Top 3: What is The Best Dog Car Seat of 2023?

A luxury dog car seat to comfortably and safely transport your dog in the car. Currently, there are many designs, colours and sizes available online. A dog car seat is incredibly useful for the front seat, back seat or boot.


It is incredibly important to invest in a well-made dog travel bed to have more adventures with the dog. But what is the best choice regarding a good dog car seat? We have figured out for you what the top 3 best dog car seats are!


Why a Dog Car Seat?

A dog car seat is hugely important and useful if you want to travel well prepared with your dog. There are several reasons why it can be useful to use a dog car seat in the car. We examine the three main features of a dog car seat:


  1. Safety: just like people, dogs need to be transported safely in the car. A dog car seat provides protection while driving, especially in case of abrupt braking or collisions. It also prevents your dog from jumping around or out of the car while driving, which can be dangerous for both your dog and other drivers on the road;
  2. Comfort: a car seat for dogs can also be comfortable for your dog while travelling. It provides a safe and cosy space for your dog to rest and relax during long drives;
  3. Functionality: a car seat offers multifunctional benefits while travelling in the car.


#1 L'élianne ®: Designer Dog Car Seat

Our number one dog car seat is the L'élianne ® designer dog car seat. This designer dog brand specialises in designing the best car seat. The design focuses on the highest comfort, best safety elements and efficient functionalities.


We have described the main features regarding safety, comfort and functionality.


  1. Safety: the L'élianne® dog car seat has efficient safety elements, to secure the dog and carrier. It also has two isofix hooks and a grip layer for extra safety. Isofix is an internationally standardised system for attaching car seats in cars;
  2. Comfort: the inside is fully designed with soft cushions for ultimate comfort. The bottom has a reinforced layer for good stability. This car dog basket helps overcome anxiety, stress and car sickness. It is ideal for small, medium and large dogs as the travel baskets are also available in XL sizes;
  3. Functionality: this dog car basket is multifunctional as it can also be used as a normal dog basket for the home. This allows you to take the comforts of home with you in the car. Also, the side and front can be unzipped to create more space and comfort.


Shop: L'élianne ® Dog Car Seat

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#2 Perro Collection: Travel Bag

Our number 2 is the Perro Collection Travel Bag that is perfect for luxury travel. Perro Collection's travel bag is the ultimate bag for travelling with your dog. Designed for comfort with 3 ventilation sides. To be carried with short handles, shoulder strap or attached on top of your suitcase. Short safety strap inside and removable faux fur bottom.


We have described the main features in terms of safety, comfort and functionality.


  1. Safety: the sturdy construction of this carrier offers ultimate safety and protection during transport;
  2. Comfort: the inside is made of removable faux fur for warmth and comfort;
  3. Functionality: this carrier is made to carry your dog in multiple ways. The carrier can wrap around your shoulder with the large strap. It can also be worn on your arm with the short handles. And the carrier can also be put on your rolling suitcase so you have your hands free. This ensures that you always have your dog with you.


#3 Away: The Pet Carrier

Our number 3 travel bag is the Away The Pet Carrier. This luxury dog brand has a design perfect for short car journeys or plane trips. The Pet Carrier makes it easy to take your furry friend anywhere, with features like sherpa bedding, water-resistant lining and multiple pockets (for both of you). Designed to fit seamlessly into the way you already travel, it has latches that can attach it to a seat belt and a cover that can attach it to any luggage on the go.


We have described the key features in terms of safety, comfort and functionality.


  1. Safety: the Away travel bag is certified by The Center for Pet Safety (CPS). And meets the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The travel bag has a safety collar clip to prevent your dog from escaping. It also has fasteners to secure the seat belt. And a special design to attach the travel bag to your rolling suitcase;
  2. Comfort: the inside is made of soft Sherpa material;
  3. Functionality: this dog travel bag can be used on the plane and in the car. It has multiple storage compartments to carry dog treats.


How To Transport a Dog in the Car?

What is the best way to transport dogs in the car? Transporting a dog safely in the car can be done on the passenger seat, on the back seat or in the boot of the car. The most important thing is that you yourself, the dog and other road users are safe. Think of dogs loose in the car, which can cause the dog to be seriously injured. With the right safety elements, you will prevent extreme accidents and dangerous situations.


In a 50 km/h collision, even a small dog can become a life-threatening projectile for passengers in the front of the car. Research has shown that dogs with trauma from a road accident had an increased cortisol urine ratio. The greater the trauma, the higher the cortisol level. Cortisol is a hormone produced in stressful situations (or by Cushing's disease) and it is an important part of the immune system. However, if too much of this hormone is present in the system, it can cause problems in your dog. Cortisol puts the body on standby, so to speak, to defend itself by fighting or fleeing. It can take up to three days for cortisol to completely disappear from your dog's system.


In the Netherlands, there are certain rules, legislation & travel documents you need to have when travelling with your dog. Such as general rules like rabies vaccinations, medical documents and passports. Read more here: Rules, Legislation & Travel Documents Travelling with a Dog


How Long Can a Dog Sit in The Car?

How long your dog can sit in the car varies from dog to dog, and whether your dog has enough strength. A dog wants to run and romp, sniff and explore. He also just needs to do his business. So plan breaks during a long car journey with your dog well. Every two hours is a good guideline. That way, your dog can stretch his legs and you can get a cup of coffee. Do not forget to bring the poop bags.


Rules and Laws For Transporting a Dog in The Car

Is it compulsory to secure a dog in the car? It is not compulsory in The Netherlands and Belgium to secure your dog in the car. There are no clear rules or legislation for transporting your dog. However, dog owners are expected to be able to assess dangerous situations themselves. You can also be fined if a dangerous situation arises because of the dog. How high is the fine if the dog is loose in the car Anyone who does not follow the rules and is caught will be fined 50 euros.


Is it compulsory to restrain your dog in the car?

In almost all European countries, your cargo (which includes pets) must be properly secured. For pets, this means transporting them in a dog car seat with seatbelt. As far as we know, this is checked in Germany and France.


What are the rules and legislation for travelling with a dog in Europe? In general, it is important that the dog is safely secured in, for example, a dog car seat. So that no traffic problems, distractions or other dangerous situations can arise. We have collected some information on the rules in Europe, but we always recommend doing additional research yourself for up-to-date information.


How should I transport my dog in Europe?

  • Netherlands and Belgium: there are specific rules or legislation in these countries for travelling with dogs in the car. Should a dangerous situation arise, there may be fines. It is also the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the dog is safe in the car;
  • Germany: there are no specific rules or legislation for travelling with dogs in Germany. However, the dog must not restrict the driver's view and freedom of movement. Also, the dog must not pose a danger to the driver, occupants and other road users;
  • France: In France, there are no rules on transporting the dog in the car. According to the French Road Traffic Act, no dangerous situations or traffic disruption may occur;
  • Italy: In Italy, the rule is that one dog may be transported in your car provided it does not obstruct the driver. It is compulsory in Italy to transport two or more dogs in a dog car seat or behind a dog carrier;
  • Spain: Spain also has the rule that the driver must not be obstructed while driving and that cargo (which includes a pet) must not obstruct the driver's view or pose a danger;
  • Austria: this country also has no additional rules on transporting dogs in the car.


Pets and Travelling within the EU (Europe)

Can my dog come with me on holiday?

On holiday within and outside the European Union (EU), your cat or dog needs an animal passport. Your pet must also have a chip. You can get this from your vet. Ferrets must also have an animal passport and a chip if you are taking them on holiday.


How do I get a dog passport? What does a dog passport cost?

  • Your pet needs an EU passport. The Dutch version is issued by the vet. Then you have to apply for a European pet passport. You get that passport from an official veterinarian. For other pets, a health certificate from your vet is often sufficient. Quite simply, you can ask your vet for a pet passport. Almost all vets issue an NDG pet passport. This will cost you just €2.70;
  • All dogs, cats and ferrets must be vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before departure. The vet must note this in the passport. A rabies vaccination is valid for 1 to 3 years, depending on the vaccine used. You can get information on this through your vet;
  • Rabies vaccination of animals younger than 12 weeks is not useful and not valid. To come to the Netherlands, the dog or cat must be at least 15 weeks old. Different requirements apply for some Member States. Information on this can be obtained from the embassy of the country concerned;
  • For some countries such as, Ireland, Malta, Norway and Finland (and the UK), a treatment against tapeworms by the veterinarian is mandatory for dogs. For more information on worm treatment for these 5 countries, please contact your own vet.


Travel documents for your pet - European pet passport

A European pet passport is an EU-based document that is compulsory when travelling between EU countries. It contains a description of your pet, microchip or tattoo codes, rabies vaccination details and the contact details of the owner and veterinarian who issued the passport. You can get a European pet passport for your dog, cat or ferret from an official vet authorised by the competent authorities to issue pet passports. A pet passport is valid for life provided your pet is vaccinated against rabies in time.


How to transport a puppy in the car?

It is wise to secure your young puppy while transporting it in the car. Not only because then the dog cannot go for a walk by itself and distract you. Should you have an accident, this will prevent your puppy from flying through the window. The German Automobile Association has done tests that showed that in a collision at normal speed, your dog gains the weight of a young elephant, so to speak. So it is safe for both your puppy and you to make sure your puppy is properly secured with a dog car seat belt and dog harness.


#3x Tips How to Get a Dog Used to the Car

How to get a dog calm in the car? It is important to get a dog used to car driving properly.


  1. Invest in good dog travel elements: dog car seat, dog car belt & a harness.
  2. Start with short car journeys: let your dog get used to the car seat at home first. By using a dog car seat, you can bring the comforts of home into the car. Then start slowly with short car rides, and fun destinations like the beach or forest. During the car ride, it helps considerably if you reward the dog well with cuddles or treats.
  3. Personal scents & accessories: by making the dog comfortable, you can bring familiar scents or goodies from home into the car. For this reason, the dog will slowly get better used to the car. Such as, a rug, a cuddly toy or a toy.


How to get a dog used to the car (4 steps)

How to get a dog calm in the car? Especially when your dog finds car driving exciting, good preparation is important.

  1. Make sure the dog does not eat 3 hours before driving, this is to prevent the dog from vomiting. In most dogs, nausea and vomiting are caused by stress.
  2. Let the dog out well so that it does not have to defecate on the way. In fact, a dog under a lot of stress may suffer from acute diarrhoea.
  3. Put a rug in the car so that the car does not get dirty if the dog does accidentally vomit.
  4. While learning to drive, always take someone with you. Safety comes first, and you cannot be busy with the dog while driving.


#5x Tips Dogs in the Car - Travelling within (EU) Europe

What do you need if you are going to transport a dog in the car? We have collected some tips on how to prepare well for travelling:


  1. Mandatory travel documents and for your dog: An EU passport is mandatory for your pet to travel in Europe. You can easily obtain a dog passport from your vet for €2.70. The pet passport is mandatory and includes a description of your pet, microchip codes, rabies vaccination details, and the necessary contact details;
  2. Rabies vaccinations: all dogs must be vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before departure;
  3. Medical documents and contact information: sedative medication for car sickness or stress, other medications and your vet's phone number or any contact information for other emergencies on the dog's collar;
  4. Essential dog gear: a dog car seat, dog harness, dog car belt, dog blanket and food/drink;
  5. Other dog gear: dog leash, snacks, toys and dog clothes (raincoat/winter coat).




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