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L'élianne ® online dog blog is dedicated to provide exclusive advice and information from experts that you can trust. Our pet blog discusses informative topics of how to travel with your dog in the car within EU (Europe). Our popular dog blog posts covers all the important things you need to know to be well-prepared for any (car) adventure!


How To Travel With Dogs?

Airplane Rules & Requirements: Travelling By Plane in Europe With a Dog

How to fly with your dog by plane? Don’t you feel guilty when you take off on another adventure and leave your poor poochie behind? We all wish we could take our dogs on trips with us! Separation anxiety doesn’t only work one way, and leaving them behind can hamper your enjoyment of your trip and make you miss home more than you should. 

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13 Unique Dog-Friendly European Destinations in Europe

What are the best dog-friendly vacations in Europe? Travelling with your dog together requires some preparation for both of you. In this new dog blog post we have gathered 13 unique pet-friendly country destinations within Europe.  Luckily Europe has a lot of dog friendly locations. But what is the most dog-friendly country in Europe?

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29 Must-Follow Tips | How to Transport a Dog in a Car?

This dog blog is about how to transport a dog in the car. An complete checklist about how to travel with dogs. These 29 must-follow tips will help you to be prepared when you are hitting the road. Whether you're going on a short or long trip - you will be succesfully prepared after this blog!

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Top 3 Reasons Why Traveling With Your Dog Keeps Them Healthy

Your dog is your best friend.They are there for you through thick and thin: everything from breakups to job changes to health challenges. For you, they may be just one part of your life, but for them, you are their entire world. So, if given the chance, why not make more memories with your furry friend?

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Motion Sickness by Dogs - Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Motion sickness in dogs, also known as car sickness, is a common problem that can occur when a dog is riding in a car, especially if the dog is not used to traveling by car. Some common signs of motion sickness in dogs include excessive drooling, panting, yawning, vomiting, and restlessness.

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#10 Packing List For A Long Road Trip With Dogs

Woaaah…there’s nothing more fun than a vacay with your best bud. For the road-trippin’-with-your-dog newbies, it can be intimidating to think about all the stuff you’ll need to prepare for your trip. And for the seasoned road warriors, while it isn’t your first rodeo, it still doesn’t hurt to make a list.

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How To Travel With A Dog in The Car? Dog Car Seat

How to travel better with your dog? Now that summer is just around the corner you may have plans to go on vacation and would like to take your dog with you, but how do you go about it? Not all dogs are happy about a car ride.... It is therefore important that you get into the car prepared and that your four-legged friend does not experience any stress, anxiety or car sickness while driving. Read more in our new dog blog about travelling with dogs!

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Top 10 Dog-Friendly Vacations in U.S. Travelling With Dogs

Planning a vacation with your dog when you are going on a trip in the United States of Amerika (U.S.) can be exciting! Our pets become members of the family the moment we take them home. They keep us endlessly entertained with their adorable antics, cheer us up when we’re feeling down, makes them a perfect companion to bring with you when travelling in the U.S. 

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Designer Luxury Dog Car Seat

L'élianne ® designer dog car seat is original, exclusive & innovative designed for any car-adventure. Our iconic dog travel bed provides the best protection, comfort, and support during dangerous & unsafe situations.


The dog booster seat is a must-have to instantly master anxiety, stress or car sickness. The elevated seat provides a breathtaking view of the outside world. L'élianne ® strives for a future where dogs no longer have to feel such problems.


The luxury dog booster car seat functions as an airbag effect during sharp turns, hard brakes & high bumps. By recreating the comforts of your home for small to medium-sized dogs into the car.