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Published on 15 July 2021 at 13:49

How To Be a Dog Influencer on Instagram?

Instagram has a broad field of different concepts to be famous for. In order to get more real Instagram followers for your dog, it is important to know how to attract followers. How to get more followers and how to get more likes on your Instagram account. Becoming a dog influencer is not that hard, the key to grow: consistency.


In this blog I will discuss how to grow your Instagram dog account, in two different topics: 

  • How to get followers on Instagram?
  • How to get likes on Instagram?


Make sure to read the tips & to learn from them!


10 Steps - How To Get More Real Followers on Instagram

Everyone follows famous influencers on Instagram. These influencers have a huge number of followers and likes. But did you know that your four-legged friend can also attract a large fan base on its own? Many people follow dog accounts because this is entertaining and fun to see in someone's timeline. First things first, you have to know how to get more real instagram followers.



#1 Most important: Consistency is key

This is a hugely underrated factor. Getting Instagram followers only succeeds with discipline and consistency, because those are the keys to any success. But in the end, that's where the profit lies. Persevering in the moments when it's hard can be truly groundbreaking. So set goals for yourself and make it tangible. For example, write on a board that you will post every day, or make a schedule for when you will make a video. Plans are fun, but make sure they don't sit on the shelf! Getting Instagram followers is guaranteed to work if you make something a daily habit. In fact, that's easier to teach yourself than if you promise to do something twice a week.

#2 Gain Instagram followers through expert status


This is actually where it starts. If you want to get more followers you need to make sure that people have a reason to follow you. Within a given market, there are all kinds of leading figures who stand out. This is because they claim expert status and also prove to be so. Therefore, make sure that you also become an expert in something. For example, be a Instagram influencer when you travel around the world.  If you want to gain Instagram followers you will have to work on your strengths. Zoom in on those and you will see that you are going to tap into a new target group!


#3 Get Instagram followers with beautiful photos

Photos is perhaps the most important thing. It doesn't mean that you always have to have the most luxurious photos, but photos that suit you. On Instagram we always look at the picture first and the more striking it is, the more attention your account will receive. How that works exactly is a separate story about the algorithm, but for now assume that you need to make sure your feed looks attractive! Bonus tip: Invest in a good camera.


#4 Humor is allowed

Go crazy once in a while! No one wants to have nothing but dry words and quotes. You make it very personal if you occasionally show that you make mistakes. Even if it's just burning food or another fail. Not everything has to be serious and when people laugh at you, you will gain more Instagram followers! Make fun Instagram Reels, stories and posts!


#5 Collaborations with other Instagrammers

One way to get more Instagram followers is to collaborate with other accounts. For example, through shout-outs or tagging. Be careful with this though, because it quickly comes across as contrived. It is better to take a picture with another Instagrammer and tag them. If that other account has many more followers from the same target group, chances are they will also follow you!


#6 Quality over quantity

It's better to have 100 loyal followers than 1000 worthless or fake accounts. Getting Instagram followers is a laborious and slow process, but if you do it right you will also get a lot in return. In the end, you can still get customers from 100 loyal followers, but if they are 1000 fake accounts, you don't have to gain anything at the bottom. So be selective when gaining Instagram followers is your goal!


#7 Initiate conversations and respond to comments

So much of getting more Instagram followers depends on your activity on the platform. In other words, you can’t just passively post and expect traction from the algorithm. You need to engage with others–followers and non-followers alike. According to data from the Sprout Social Index, 71% of consumers follow a brand on social media so they can engage with them.


This means making a point to respond to any and all questions and comments from your followers. Doing so is not only a positive signal to the Instagram algorithm but also a way to prove to potential followers that you’re open to conversations.


Beyond your own account, make a point to initiate conversations by commenting on posts yourself. This includes other brands, businesses and influencers in your space. Being consistently active in the comment section(s) of others is straightforward to create awareness for yourself. You can also grab the attention of others through strategic tagging. For example, we oftentimes see influencers publish photos that tag other brand accounts for visibility.


#8 Craft more compelling captions

Again, most people follow accounts because they want to engage in some way, shape or form.

That means you need to inject some creativity into your Instagram captions. For example, consider the following caption formats which result in replies:

  • Question-based posts
  • Recommendation requests
  • Personal stories
  • Tag-a-friend posts
  • Photo-sharing posts

From questions to humor, using captions effectively is the perfect way to encourage activity on your posts. You can likewise couple the themes of your captions and visuals to capture viewers’ attention and get them talking.This all speaks to the importance of diversifying your captions so you aren’t publishing the same type of post over and over. With Instagram management tools like Spout, you can pre-plan and write out your captions. This means less pressure to write posts in real time while also ensuring you aren’t repeating yourself.


#9 Experiment with different types of content

“Create good content” isn’t particularly helpful advice when you’re stumped on how to get more followers on Instagram. A more proactive alternative would be to post a variety of content. Although photos are obviously Instagram’s bread and butter, don’t neglect the other types of posts including videos (particularly live video), GIFs or user-generated content.


#10 Use analytics to recreate your top-performing posts

Figuring out what your target audience wants doesn’t have to be a guessing game. After all, no two audiences are the same. Maybe your followers can’t get enough videos. Perhaps they’re obsessed with regrams and community posts. Either way, Sprout can clue you in and encourage you to recreate your best content.


Bonus tip: never buy Instagram followers!

This is a tip that I think is obvious, but I regularly get asked if it wouldn't be easier to just buy followers. First of all, those followers are always only temporary. Secondly, they won't like or respond to anything you post. So if you start posting and you only have 10 likes, while you do have 500 followers, you come across as very unreliable.

That way you can also distinguish the fake from the real accounts. Accounts that are running well and are genuine will have high engagement among posts.

6 Tips - How To Get More Likes on Instagram?


#1 Posting at the right time

Do you already know when to post on Instagram? Find out when your target audience is using Instagram. Then post your content at the moment that your target group is also on Instagram. The chance that your post will reach the top is then greatest. This of course also increases the chance of getting more likes.


#2 Use the right hashtags

When you have a website, you want it to be found well in search engines like Google or Bing. For this you apply SEO. You optimize your website for search engines. You can also optimize your page for Instagram's search function. You do this by using the right hashtags. The right hashtags ensure that your target audience can find your posts quickly.

Therefore, do some research into which hashtags your target audience uses and what they are looking for. Ideally, these should be hashtags with little competition, so you can easily get to the top with the content you post.

#3 Show your page in different places

So getting more likes on Instagram for free is actually not that difficult. When you apply the tips above, it becomes a lot easier. But it is also important that you promote your Instagram page enough.

Therefore, link your Instagram page to all your other social media accounts. You can also refer to your Instagram page from, for example, Twitter and Facebook. Of course, you should also do this on your website. The more traffic there is to your Instagram pages, the more followers and likes you will receive.


#4 Liking photos

Liking other people's photos can make people go to your Instagram feed because they are curious. Who knows, you might even get a few likes back! If you posted a photo with the hashtag #food, immediately look up which others have used the hashtag #food. Like the photos that you see passing by. You can go crazy here by liking hundreds of photos or only liking the most beautiful photos you come across. Find people with the same interests as you and like their photos. Chances are they'll end up on your Instagram feed, give you likes back and maybe start following you.


#5 Posting comments

You can get people's attention by posting a comment under a photo. It doesn't have to be a whole story, just a few words and a cute emoji will do. If someone has posted a nice picture of an item of clothing that he or she is wearing and is showing off in the picture, respond by saying "Cute top!", "Love your dress!" or "Nice shoes!" for example.


#6 Advertise, advertise and advertise

To expand your target audience, you can place ads on Instagram. Through paid posts, you reach more people who can start following your account. To become more visible as a brand on Instagram, you can opt for an engagement campaign, for example. When your target groups are large enough, you can take it a step further by setting up conversion campaigns.



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