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5 Steps To Become A Succesful Dog Influencer

Published on 4 June 2021 at 11:41

Would you like it if your dog becomes instafamous? We will help you:

Everyone follows famous influencers on Instagram. These influencers have a huge number of followers and likes. But did you know that your four-legged friend can also attract a large fan base on its own? Many people follow dog accounts because this is entertaining and fun to see in someone's timeline.


Below are five beginner tips to start a dog account on Instagram:

Tip 1 - provide quality photos

The influencers with many followers always have beautiful, high quality photos and the environment of the pictures is varied as well. This variety is very important because it becomes quite one-sided if you only place pictures of your dog lying on the couch or walking in the forest. 

Make sure that the photos are of good quality, so do not make photos with your old mobile and do not make any movements while shooting the photos. It is recommended to purchase a good professional camera. Ultimately, creating the right image is the most important thing. After this it is important to come up with a good text and the hashtag.


Tip 2 - ensure interaction

If you would like more comments, likes and followers on your dog Instagram, it helps to ensure interaction. You can do this by asking a question when you want to post a photo. This invites people to respond and they will possibly also take a look at your Instagram account. Make sure you also respond to the comments, and that you sometimes post comments under the photos of other accounts. Instagram allows for more interaction also provides more visibility and ultimately more.


Tip 3 - create a good bio

When people visits your dog profile, the first thing they see is your bio. It is important that you clearly describe what you are doing. Do you have a blog about dogs? Mention this. Do you have a dog account that takes photos of dogs every day? Put it in. What you do, who you are and what concerns you is important to mention in your bio. It shouldn't be a mystery to people, it should be clear about your post.


Tip 4 - choose the correct theme

If you want a lot of Instagram followers you better choose a certain theme. Think of a fan club for "dog jack russel fans". Here you can post photos of your own dog or all photos of someone else's dog to create a fan account effect. You also get how you find this interesting and what you do.


Tip 5 - be critical with hashtags

By using hashtags, your posts will be shown not only by your followers, but also by hundreds to thousands of other users. Because of this, hashtags are by far the best way to reach the people who aren't already following you, but who will be interested in your content. Recently, Instagram has more than 1 billion active users every year. That's ideal for reaching new groups without a lot of advertising budget. The key is to use the correct hashtags. Google can help to find the right hashtags for your dog account. The most used hashtags come up if you simply look it up.


How do you earn money if you are a dog influencer?

The possibilities are limited but certainly interesting:

  • Companies approach you and pay you to talk about their products on Instagram. In other words, old-fashioned advertising;
  • You sell and promote other people's products on Instagram and earn money on every sale (that's called affiliate maketing);
  • You have products that you promote and sell via Instagram;
  • You use your fame on Instagram to earn money as a speaker, trainer, singer, coach of writer. So Instagram is a stepping stone to something else


If your dog has a unique personality or is irresistibly adorable, then it's time to consider making him an Instagram star and have fun with the whole process. Whenever your canine companion does something cute, take a snapshot and share it with the world. Even if you only get a couple of likes and followers, don’t give up, be persistent, and keep posting. As time goes by, your pup will slowly accumulate followers and likes and will become an Instagram influencer in no time.


What's your best tip?




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