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Outdoor Activities That Dogs Love

Outdoor Activities That Dogs Love

If staying physically active while spending time with your dog is one of your priorities, you might be thinking, what outdoor activities can I do with my dog?


Interestingly, many dog owners who want to share their love for the outdoors with their dogs are now engaging in more "human" activities, and it comes as no surprise that their furry friends are loving the attention.

Sure, outdoor yard activities for dogs like hide and seek are always fun, but why not take your outdoor activities to another level?


If you own any popular sporting dog breeds like the Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel, then these outdoor activities for dogs are something you and your doggo should try soon.


While this activity may be fun for you, consider this only if your dog enjoys fast-paced walking or running. You also have to be confident that your dog understands and follows the commands “stop” and “slow down” before you go biking together.

If it’s your dog’s first time to roam outside after a while, understand that your dog may get intimidated by a larger moving object, such as a fast-moving bike. It would be wise to introduce your dog to a bike and allow your dog to get familiar and comfortable first before going out. 


Bike slowly. Allow your dog to gradually get to the pace they are comfortable in. Start by biking for five to ten minutes. This will also help them build their stamina and endurance so you can enjoy longer biking times and miles.

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Fetch is one of the all-time favorite dog activities that you can do outdoors. Dogs, as if by instinct, love this game. They even love it when they have a bigger space where they can be free to run around.

It doesn't matter if it is a stick, ball, their favorite toy, or a Frisbee. Dogs would always enthusiastically chase anything you ask them to run after and obediently bring it back to you. Playing this game makes your dog feel good about what they do. They live for your encouragement, positive reinforcement, and treats. So make sure to give it to them. 

Additionally, it is an excellent way to release all those pent-up energies that can otherwise be destructive. It also gives you the slightest physical effort.


Culminating an entire day of outdoor fun and settling in on a campsite couldn't get any better. It is not just an adventure itself, but it is also a form of relaxation with your dog’s olfactory senses teased and stimulated with all the scents of the outdoors.

Camping with your dog entails a lot of preparation, though, and not just in planning and checklist. Your dog needs to be a pro in several commands like "stay," "come," and "quiet." They also have to have sharp recall skills. 

You can’t risk losing them in the woods. Also, your camping buddy needs to be accustomed to being on a leash, as most campgrounds do not allow dogs to roam around freely.

Camping is an outdoor activity that dogs enjoy because they not only get to spend time with you and other people. It also allows them to do some things they love, like providing you with protection, distraction, and entertainment.


Another answer to your question about what outdoor activities I can do with my dog is hiking. Most dogs love trekking the outdoors. Not only is this a good bonding activity between you and your dog, but it’s also beneficial for their physical and mental health.

Most dogs love to hike because a new environment stimulates their mind as they get to discover and enjoy new sounds, sights, and scents. It’s also great for reinforcing good behavior.

Your dog will love the hiking trails because it provides them more freedom to explore their surroundings. And no dog can resist some playtime and physical activity, so hiking is a win-win for you and your dog.


Did you know that most dogs are water animals? Most dog breeds enjoy being in the water. Swimming in lakes, rivers, beaches, and even in your pool is something they can do all day. This is especially true during the summer days since it helps them cool off.

Swimming has the same physical and health benefits to your dog. It helps strengthen their lungs and hearts without putting too much pressure on their back joints and hips.

Swimming is one of the highly recommended activities for active dogs that improve their physical and mental fitness. Make it a more enjoyable experience by going down in the water and playing with your dog.

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Dog Park

Dogs are always excited, and they look forward to their daily walks, especially if they know that you'll spend time in the dog park.

The dog park is the perfect venue for your dog to socialize and play with their dog friends. Social interaction and play are vital for dogs, especially those usually left alone for extended hours while humans do their daily activities.

Dog parks also provide mental stimulation to your dog. These can become beneficial in curbing any behavioral problems your dog is experiencing.

Not only are dog parks fun for the canines, but it also becomes a social meeting place for owners. The shared passion for dogs can lead to easy conversations between owners and even to lasting friendships.

Road Trip

Even a trip to the grocery store or to get the kids from school is something exciting for your dog. They have this simple love affair with car rides.

Dogs get similar euphoric sensations when in a car as they do when hunting. For dogs, the car’s motion appears and feels like a synchronized movement like a hunt. It feeds their sense and longing for adventure.

Being out on the road is extremely fun for them. However, it would be best to start by taking shorter trips first. While on a trip, go on short breaks to give everyone, including your dog, a chance to stretch their legs.

Farmers Market

Most dogs love discovering new territories as part of their adventurous spirit. And one place that they would most appreciate exploring is the farmer’s market. 

And who wouldn't love a place where the air smells like delicious food? Your dog will go crazy with all the aroma surrounding this place, so make sure that you have your dog on a leash when you visit this place.

Your dog may think that everything they smell would be delicious. However, not all are safe treats, so make sure that you bring with you some goodies that you can hand to your patiently waiting dog.

Aside from being an outdoor activity, you can use this visit to test your dog's mastery when it comes to basic training skills like "sit," "stay," and "down" because everything around this place would be a temptation for your dog.

Farmers Market is also a good place for your dog to get extra TLC from strangers who love meeting and petting visiting canines. Some might even give treats for your dog, which they will love with much gusto.

Dog Spa

Dogs also love to be pampered and spoiled, and scheduling your dog to a doggie spa is a perfect way to conclude an outdoor adventure.

In a dog spa, you can expect more than just the regular grooming of shampoo, nail trim, and ear clean. Your dog can have a treat of blueberry facials, pawdicures, deep conditionings, medicated baths, dog massage, and aromatherapy.

For humans, spas are effective stress reducers, and it has the same effect on your canine, especially if yours is experiencing some chronic pain or is already a senior dog. This activity can induce better sleep for your pet.

This is a complete package that can soothe, pamper, and relax your dogs. More than grooming, pet experts can also do a quick health check-up to detect health issues as they are pampered.

And by the end of the spa session, you will have a well-groomed and well-rested dog ready for more cuddles with you.

Now that you’ve answered the question, what outdoor activities can I do with my dog? then booking both of you to a spa is part of your bucket list.

Final Thoughts

When planning an outdoor activity, start thinking about what activities do dogs enjoy? From there, you will have a list of things that you can do with your dogs, from adventurous escapades to pampering sessions. 

The good news is, almost all outdoor activities enjoyed by humans can now be shared with dogs. There is a long list of answers to the question, what outdoor activities can I do with my dog?

Create a bucket list now and plan your next outdoor adventure with your dog today!



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