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Dog Car Seat - Guide for Travelling with Your Dog in the Car


Now that summer is just around the corner you may have plans to go on vacation and would like to take your dog with you, but how do you go about it? Not all dogs are happy about a car ride.... It is therefore important that you get into the car prepared and that your four-legged friend does not experience any stress or anxiety while driving.


A dog car seat can contribute to a stress-free car ride. Why is a dog car seat for the car so important for your dog? Find out in this blog!

Creating familiar surroundings

Creating a familiar environment in an unfamiliar environment, how do you do that? The ideal solution for this is a house-on-the-go! What is this? A familiar place for your dog that you can take with you wherever you go. This way your dog always has his or her own familiar place in the car. A car seat for a dog gives them a secure feeling, which is incredibly important. After all, a dog does not know where you are driving them to and so can become anxious because of this uncertainty. So make sure you have a dog car seat for your dog.


Tips after buying a car seat for your dog

Have you purchased a dog travel bed for your dog? Then first introduce your dog to this carrier at home. This will allow him or her to sleep in the basket for a few quiet nights at home before having to go in the car. By doing so, the dog will associate the travel bed with rest and the car basket will make the dog feel confident. In this way, your dog will always have his own place he can fall back on.


A raised travel bed for the dog can also be used outside the car as a dog bed. This means you only need to purchase one product to ensure your dog is comfortable when traveling or in a foreign environment.

Teach your dog that car travel can also be fun

Does your dog really dislike driving a car? Then do not force your dog to go into the car, but teach your dog that the car is not scary and can also be fun. This may seem impossible, but it is certainly not. First of all, it is important that you start with super short rides, think of a small block or drive from one side of the street to the other.


Build up the time you drive a little at a time. A booster car seat for the dog can also help with this. This allows the dog to look out the window, see what is happening and see where he or she is going. Make sure that every trip in the car is as comfortable as possible and that your dog has a comfortable car seat. Furthermore, it is also good to talk to your dog while driving and reward him after or during a ride. In addition, you can also choose to only drive to fun destinations for your dog in the beginning. So pick a nice park nearby or drive towards the beach or forest. In no time, your dog will be looking forward to car rides, because the driving itself is enjoyable and the destinations fun.


Prevent car sickness with a dog car seat

If you have a car seat for your dog, you will notice that he or she will be much calmer in the car. A raised dog bed in the car also ensures that your dog can look out the window and not against the back of a seat. Because the car moves while driving and the dog cannot see anything, he may suffer from dog car sickness. This can eventually lead to the dog being afraid of car rides. A dog car seat can make the animal feel more at ease and safer in the car.


Putting your dog's safety first

In addition to comfort, your dog's safety is also important. A booster car seat is therefore important to ensure your dog's safety. The dog travel bed from L'élianne is the perfect solution. You attach the bed on the back seat of the car and thus ensure that your dog can safely travel in the car. The bed protects the dog, makes sure he is secured and is super soft and comfortable.


How do you ensure that a car ride for the dog is as pleasant as possible?



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