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Dangerous Traveling With Your Dog

Travelling with your dog can be a lot of fun, especially for your dog. It takes some preparation, as not all hotels or campsites allow pets and there are different customs rules for bringing your best friend. When you bring your dog car seat and car seat belt means only one thing: a nice walk! However, it is important know the requirements about taking your dog abroad in the dog car seat

It is important to transport your dog in a safe way for the dog and for the driver as well. Often enough, the dog can distract the driver and the dog should never be loose in the car. A dog loose in the car is life-threatening!


How dangerous is traveling with your dog by car?

If you suddenly hit the brake, your dog will fly forward through the car at high speed. Your dog turns into an unguided projectile with all its consequences. Some facts:

  • 2 in 10 drivers have no in-car protection for their dog
  • 6% of car drivers have had an accident with their dog
  • 51% of car drivers have sometimes been in an emergency situation because of their dog
  • 91% of car drivers consider transporting a dog without protection to be dangerous

In many countries it is mandatory to secure your dog while travelling. For the safety of the owner and the dog, below are the following safe ways to transport the dog:


What are safe ways to travel with your dog?

  • A special dog harness where the dog is briefly tied to the chair. If there is a collision, the dog cannot shoot forward.
  • Small dogs can be transported in a dog car seat.
  • Place a safe and comfortable car seat behind the front seat and make sure that the dog bed is also firmly attached. 
  • Larger dogs can be transported in a travel kennel or crate.
  • If you do not have a dog bed, travel kennel or crate, it is best to leave the dog on the floor in front of the passenger seat. If the airbag is deployed, you can already guess what might happen.


What do I have to take into account when traveling?

Always make sure that the dog is stuck in the car and that you always have the leash right by your side. If something bad happends all of the sudden: Then you can quickly get your dog out of the car. Also, do not give the dog a bone while driving. The dog can choke on it if you brake hard or have a collision.




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